Read more about the folk who’s lives have been touched by the 5km Touch a Soul charity run.

Charnelle Herbert

The story of me: Charnelle Herbert Year: 2000 Hi, my name is Charnelle, I made my life debut at 09h45, Tuesday the 3 October 2000. I was so excited to start my life journey, but was always feeling nauseous, my head hurt so bad! My mommy thought I just didn’t enjoy a...

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Hayleigh Stals

Two weeks before her 8th birthday this year Hayleigh was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia. It's a rare genetic disorder that leads to bone marrow failure and Hayleigh will always have it unless a cure is found to fix the faulty genes. As a result of the Fanconi Anemia,...

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Aidan Rutherford

My Story How I Found Out I Had Cancer We moved back from PE to East London, last year September 2015. When we got back I decided to buy myself a motocross bike to start riding again and get fit. Towards the end of 2015 beginning of 2016, I fell sick with bronchitis...

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