The Race

Touch a Soul is an annual fundraiser run, initiated to touch a soul in need, within the East London community.


In 2016 Aidan Rutherford fell ill with Leukaemia and his colleagues at Kempston Agri could not just sit and watch this happen. They approached the Kempston Events team, hoping to put something together to raise funds for Aidan and his young family.

Oxford Striders was immediately on board and their “Touch the Wall” 5km run became the inspiration to this fundraiser; “Touch a Soul”. With the “Touch the Wall” run having a wall at the halfway point which runners need to touch before turning around, the “Touch a Soul” run will have a donation box at the halfway point, where runners can make an additional contribution to the charity if they wish.


Besides the donation box at the halfway point, there will be a box at the Oxford Striders Clubhouse. On top of this, the complete entry fee of R50 will be donated to the “Soul” of the year.

This event is purely focussing on making a difference for somebody in the community. There will be no money wasted on T-shirts or the like, but we do give you a nice sticker to wear during the event.

If you are touched by the story and want to donate or help out in any other way, please do contact us!

Please note that separate donation boxes for the previous recipients are also available on race day (however ALL other proceeds regarding race fees etc go to the current recipient).

After Party

To enhance that feeling of belonging and being part of a caring community, we invite everyone to stick around after the race and join us for a braai. Fires will be arranged, just bring your own meat! Oxford Striders will open their cash bar (regret no private drinks allowed due to regulations).


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